A range of customized services

Alto International is proud of the  diversity of languages we offer, our ability to respond with exactly what is needed and the innovative and customized solutions we tailor to our clients’ needs. Alto International is 100% reliable. We can be trusted to deliver what we promise.


A reliable company

Why do so many companies, law firms, investment banks and other institutions around the world rely on Alto International?

Because of the rigour and quality of the service provided. We have years of experience in producing critical company documents such as annual reports, internal and external publications and sensitive press releases. These have to be word-perfect and Alto International knows how to get it done – fast and accurately. We always use high quality native language translators and interpreters who are specialists in their respective fields.


The art of partnership

At Alto International, we seek to go beyond a basic customer–supplier relationship with our clients and establish true partnerships. The fact that we know our clients and understand their corporate culture so well has enormous value. We can operate at the highest level and provide direct support in negotiations and international relations. By eliminating all  language barriers and adapting to local cultural environments, we enable our customers to get right to the essential business issues with partners and prospects. This opens new doors and business opportunities. Alto International also has the well-deserved reputation of being fiercely loyal to our clients.


Speedy and around-the-clock response to emergencies

In today’s fast-moving business world, amid crises, 24-hour breaking news and constant pressure, having someone you can count on when you’re up the creek is invaluable. Our ability to call on a global network of translators / interpreters means we can work across time zones and provide instant, high-quality solutions in response to emergencies.


Beyond translation

The problem with translations is that they often read like translations. Literal translation from French to English, for example, can sound unnatural and unconvincing. Alto International’s teams are adept at conveying our clients’ messages in language that sounds natural to a native speaker. Our teams include writers with corporate experience capable of creating original documents that deliver the message with the exact meaning and the desired impact.

For each client, there is an assigned project manager who oversees the work for the entire duration of the project. This involves managing all requests, thus simplifying and accelerating the process. The “single point of entry” system optimizes communication with clients, and enables timely updates of requests and follow-up, clarity on budgets and rapid access to archives.


Company-specific glossaries

How does Alto International ensure that company-specific terminology is consistently used? We compile glossaries for each client and these are used by both interpreters and translators and regularly completed and updated.


Proofreading and harmonization

Alto International translators are responsible for harmonizing the final product so that the style is fluid and the correct vocabulary used. Side-by-side proofreading is done to verify numbers and detect any flaws.


The choice of the translators and interpreters

Strict criteria are used in the selection process. Translators and interpreters always translate into their native language. They also are experts in their field, such as finance, marketing or international law, medical, manufacturing or the digital economy, among others..  Many are graduates or teachers at leading interpretation and translation schools and certified by SFT (Société française de Traducteurs), ITI (Institute of Translation & Interpreting) or AIIC (Association des Interprètes de Conférence).


Our mindset

Responsive, constantly engaged, able to anticipate the clients’ needs, solution-oriented and committed to excellence. In a word: professional!